Add on Domain names..

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Add on Domain names..

Postby srgray99 » Thu Apr 12, 2007 6:53 pm

Just curious as to what Domain Name Add-On really are... I found this chunk of text on google... Is there anything in the following text that Canadian webhosting does not adhere to ?? Is this what you guys consider an Add-on ??

"Use Add-On Domains To Optimize Your
Web Hosting Space
© Herman Drost
Is it possible to host two or more sites with two or more
domains on the same hosting account? You may want to
register and market another domain name but don't want to
pay for another hosting account. The best solution is to
create an add-on domain.

What is an add-on domain?

An add-on domain is a new domain that is added on top of
your main domain. It creates a sub directory within your
main web hosting directory but can show a different web
site. The add-on domain collects the information from the
sub domain directory using the same space and bandwidth as
your main account, however it won't have its own cpanel
(web hosting manager).
Add-on domain benefits.

1. Create multiple domains/websites on the same web hosting
2. Save money and web space by using one hosting account
instead of several hosting accounts.
3. The add-on domain shares all the same resources (disk space,
bandwidth...) with your main site.
4. The add-on domain has its own FTP manager, site stats,
cgi-bin which is created automatically.
5. Upload all pages, images, scripts, forums etc to your
add-on domain directory.
6. Access your add-on domain using several web site addresses
7. Promote several web sites within one hosting account with
their own set of keywords."

Thanks for your help.

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