cPanel/WHM 11.25 Edge Version Released

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cPanel/WHM 11.25 Edge Version Released

Postby Kings » Wed Jan 20, 2010 12:16 pm

The cPanel/WHM 11.25 Edge Version has just been released. Here are some highlights of the new features:

**Usability enhancements**
- Quicker access from mobile devices, due to fewer authentication requests from the server.
- IMAP IDLE support for mobile devices, allowing near real-time mail delivery from Dovecot mail servers.
- Streamlined cPanel interfaces, such as Email Accounts and MX Entry.
- An overhauled language system that provides greater accuracy and language compatibility, with less memory consumption.

**Security features**
- Session tokens and blank referer checks, to help prevent cross-site request forgery.
- Better cPHulk reliability, for improved protection against brute force attacks.

**Efficiency improvements**
- Lower memory consumption during synchronization of DNS clusters.
- Quicker restart processes for both the Apache web server and the BIND nameserver.
- Quicker load times for the cPanel home page.

This info was taken from the cPanel webpage. Click the link for more info: ... lable.html
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