How to use cPanel to backup your website.

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How to use cPanel to backup your website.

Postby Teo » Fri Jun 04, 2010 4:37 pm

You should always have a full and complete copy on your local computer as a precaution.

Here are the general steps in doing your own backups through your cPanel:

1. Go to
2. Enter your username and password – if you do not know this information please contact your web host.
3. Click the ‘Backup’ icon located on the main screen
4. Click ‘Generate/Download a full backup’
5. The “Full Backups” screen will display
6. Select your backup location (choose Home Directory)
7. Make sure your email address is correctly entered (once the backup is complete you will be emailed)
8. Click Generate Full Backup button
9. Backup file will be created in your home directory

Once the full backup of your account has been completed you will receive an email message to the email address you specified.

The backup file will be created on your home root directory. It will be a tar.gz file. This file can then be FTPed off your server to a local drive or CD (or both!) for safe keeping. I recommended doing this weekly at the LEAST.

You will have noticed during this process something stating the following (or something similar):

"A full backup includes all of the files in your home directory, your MySQL Databases, and your email forwarders and filters. You can backup your account to preserve your data or to move your account to another cPanel server.

The full backup contains A LOT of information. It contains MORE than you NEED but ALL that you WANT.
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Re: How to use cPanel to backup your website.

Postby dadiehost » Mon Apr 14, 2014 11:35 pm

Thanks for the info :)
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