How can I get e-mail address aliases?

How can I get e-mail address aliases?

Postby cosmin » Sun Oct 12, 2008 3:36 am


I'm a new customer, and I'm trying to set up new e-mail address "infrastructure".

I want to have one e-mail address for my domain: globexportal[dot]com:
cosmin[at]globexportal[dot]com (which I already set-up and it's working fine).

However I would like to set up various aliases for this e-mail address so that if people send an e-mail to: webmaster[at]globexportal[dot]com or marketing[at]globexportal[dot]com, etc... I want those addresses to point to the main address listed above.

I'd rather not set-up a "Catch All" type of forwarding" because from past experiences this generates a lot of spam from made-up addresses by the spammers; eg. johnny@... bobby@... , etc...

Do I have to set-up separate e-mail accounts for all these "aliases", and then do forwarding for each one individually so that I get all the e-mail in one inbox? :cry:

I'd rather keep one e-mail address account for the domain, and have a list of approved Catch-All aliases; while everything else would get rejected.

Thank you very much for any help,
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Re: How can I get e-mail address aliases?

Postby jeffrey » Thu Oct 16, 2008 4:05 pm

Hello Cosmin,

There is no need to create each email address and forward them. You can directly setup the forwarders from the 'Mail-->Forwarders' section in your cPanel interface.

Even if the email account does not exist, mails coming to the forwarding address will get delivered to the destination mailbox you specify.

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