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Email filtering -blacklist

Postby apulcini » Sat Mar 07, 2009 3:39 pm

Hi there. I am currently using another hosting company. Although I have no problems with the web hosting, it seems that the use some service that blacklists mail server IPs which results in me not receiving emails from people. This is happening specifically with emails coming from Greece (but has happened from other countries as well and even within Canada). Since Greece has a telco monopoly, and because some of their mail servers are listed on blacklists, I do not receive 85% of any mail sent to me from Greece at my domain email address. (I get them fine on my Sympatico and Hotmail account). When I told my current provider that they are basically filtering a whole country by using this blacklist, they basically said that it was up to me to tell the telco in Greece and have them resolve it.

I have a business based in Greece so not being able to get emails from contacts there presents a problem. It is not just limited to Greece though. Just yesterday, i did not receive an email from a company based in Montreal too and it has happened with emails from the US and other countries). I know it is because of this blacklisting service that use because the hosting company has told me so and confirmed the that IP addresses are on these lists. I also have a personal domain set up and obviously have the same issue there. I understand trying to cut down on spam but to do what they are doing indiscriminately based on a blacklist seems to be overkill to me. Clearly they are not distinguishing between good email and bad email and I need to find a solution.

Does your company do the same thing and blacklist mail servers because they are on some list somewhere? I want to be able to receive my emails, not have them stopped without even knowing they were sent.

PS....sorry for the long note but I wanted to explain the situation properly.

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Postby divya » Wed Mar 11, 2009 5:25 am

Hi Alex,

Generally, we do not block the whole range of IP addresses or filter a whole country. Our filter policy blocks only the backlisted IP addresses and not the entire IP address range.

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