Uploading content via secure FTP

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Uploading content via secure FTP

Postby mholmes » Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:57 am

I currently have a couple of sites hosted by another provider, and one aspect of their service has always worried me. The only way to do "secure" uploads into the account (of HTML or PHP pages, for instance) is to use a rather ancient Windows application called CoreFTP, which will do "FTP via SSL"; but it appears that the way this is done is not standard, and no other FTP client I've tried will successfully connect to the server. I'm usually working from a Linux desktop, and CoreFTP won't work under WINE, so I'm reduced to managing my sites over an insecure FTP connection. I can't get any useful explanation of why regular SFTP won't work on their system.

I'm now looking for hosting for another project, and I'd like to avoid being in the same situation. Can you tell me whether your servers will allow regular SFTP connections from apps such as FileZilla and WinSCP (which does work under WINE, and which is my preferred FTP app even on Linux)?

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Postby smisha » Tue Sep 29, 2009 8:09 am


SFTP is possible in our servers if you have shell access to your account. We do provide SSH access to the accounts with our Value and Pro plans.


You can access "sftp://hostname" using your FileZilla or WinSCP FTP client.

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