How to host additional domain names on our shared plans

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How to host additional domain names on our shared plans

Postby Henry » Fri Jan 29, 2010 4:50 pm

Hi, I currently have a CA basic plan with your company and I have another domain name that I already registered and I want to host. I do not need the CA value plan resources yet; can I host the second domain name with my current plan?

Yes you can, the cost to add another domain name to the CA basic plan is $5/month (This also applies to our windows shared hosting plans) and you can request it in the Billing Center at this link:
(The login information is the same as your control panel, if you have not changed it.)

Select-> accounts, upgrade/addon, add

If you are on the CA Basic plan, you will need to add the domain name in the control panel: Once logged in, select-> Addon domains, enter the desired login information and submit
(If you are on the CA Value or Pro plan, there is no additional cost to host multiple domains names, all you need to do is add the domain to the control panel.)

If you are on our windows shared hosting plans, we will send you the FTP login information for the addon domain.

Note: If the domain name that you wish to add is not registered in your Billing Center, you will need to update the name servers for that domain name at the current registrar to point it to our servers.

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