How to open ports in cPanel (using WHM)?

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How to open ports in cPanel (using WHM)?

Postby Kings » Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:23 pm

Answer from cPanelDon on forums:

Unless traffic is explicitly blocked by a firewall configuration the ports should be "open."

If the firewall configuration is unknown or if you are seeking a simplified interface for firewall setup I would consider trying CSF that is mentioned in the following forums thread: Third Party Applications Available for cPanel/WHM - cPanel Forums - ... 06785.html

Reference links for "ConfigServer Security & Firewall" (CSF):
ConfigServer Security & Firewall -
ConfigServer Scripts Forum -
ConfigServer by Way to the Web -
Way to the Web Technical Support -

A note to CWH customers: All of our cPanel VPS plans and dedicated servers come with CSF installed and can be found in WHM on the left hand menu at the very bottom.

Reference: ... 48669.html
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