Reseller vs CA Pro Plans.

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Reseller vs CA Pro Plans.

Postby Teo » Wed Mar 10, 2010 5:48 pm

Can I use the CA Pro plan as a reseller?

Yes while both plans can be used as a reseller, there are big differences.

CA Pro plan has unlimited Add-on Domains which allows you to host multiple domains within one hosting plans. But the problem here is that there only one control panel which is used to manage every domain hosted within that account.

Now what if one of your clients says I want to manage my own account, give me the ability to add new emails and update my web pages. Well you’re not going to give access to that client because they will also have access to every other Add-on domains on the account.

CA Pro plan features:

So the Reseller Plan is the way you should go if you are considering to become a reseller. While the CA Pro has larger resources it does not have the cPanel licenses available on the Reseller to assign to your clients that require their own management.

The plan offers you all of the features of the CA Pro plan, but with one more login area. It’s called WHM or Web Hosting Manager. The WHM allows you to create custom plans for your clients such as storage and bandwidth or the amount Add-on domains that they are allowed. You will also have the ability to assign a control plan (limited licensed depending on your plan) to clients that wish to have some control and would allow them to make necessary updates without involving you.
Reseller plans also allows you to brand your accounts, use custom name servers or even purchase additional IP address for clients that require SSL certificates.

Reseller plan features:
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