Canadian Web Hosting Expands for Enterprise Customers

Canadian Web Hosting Expands for Enterprise Customers

Postby mattm948 » Sun Aug 21, 2011 10:41 pm

Canadian Web Hosting is proud to announce the expansion of our Toronto data center, which is located at 151 Front Street in downtown Toronto. Through this expansion, Canadian Web Hosting ( has expanded its support of its enterprise customers by increasing their managed services capabilities, decreased bandwidth pricing and expanded server options including failover clusters, hybrid dedicated servers and cloud services.

151 Front Street is one of North America's most connected buildings with more than 7,000 strands of fiber entering the building. 151 Front Street acts as a connection point for corporate data networks, local and long-distance telephony, internet peering and business critical data storage facilities. This location also has advanced power, cooling and security systems to ensure clients 24/7 security and operations including uniformed security guards and a secure entrance to the building, a standby centrifugal chiller and several 4000/5000 KVA transformers that are fed by dual underground 13.8 Kv feeder lines from fault-tolerant substations.
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