Cloud Hosting & Automatic Failover

Cloud Hosting & Automatic Failover

Postby mattm948 » Mon Dec 19, 2011 3:53 pm

Some of our customers have been asking about the plan changes that have been recently implemented, in particular wanting to know more about automatic failover and why moving their hosting plan onto the cloud is advantageous to their business.

First, one needs to examine what Automatic Failover is:

Wikipedia states that "Failover is automatic switching to a redundant or standby computer server, system or netwrk upon the failover of a previously active application, server or website." This means that if for some reason your server or website stops working, it will automatically move over to another live server to keep you online. Because of this, Canadian Web Hosting has integrated our CA Cloud technology into all of our existing hosting plans including cloud shared hosting, VPS' built on our Xencloud and enterprise grade cloud servers that run on VMware. While there are varying degrees of performance, every Canadian Web Hosting customer can now take advantage of the cloud and improve reliability, uptime performance and decrease their costs to maintain and run their site. Best of all, everything remains 100% Canadian.

- 50 to 70% savings when compared to other cloud solutions
- Rapid setup, with the ability to be up and running in minutes
- Industry best hardware with the fastest servers available
- VMware, Hyper-V and Xen virtualization
- Enterprise grade firewalls that delivers fully managed protection
- Daily backups with Veeam to protect your data
- 24/7 server monitoring and support
- Up to 99.999% uptime ensures your site is online
- SAS70 Type II compliant[/list]

Call us today at 888-821-7888, or email us at, to find out how you can take advantage of the cloud today. Follow us on Twitter at @cawebhosting.
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