Info required for .com registration and General Info request

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Info required for .com registration and General Info request

Postby Snoopy » Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:07 pm

Hello Sales,

I have been asked to help a friend set up a "simple" web page for a friend of the family (as I am the techie one).

She has set up a sole proprietorship, and has ideas for a simple static web site.

My questions...

Can anyone register a ".com" address?

With the web site builder, is adding a simple ordering e-store as easy as "one click"? (Then entering the product details of course).

What else would I be required to get or know in order to set up the Domain and get the account set up?

With all the online adds, what really differentiates your firm from others?

How can we tell if the simple shared hosting will be responsive (time wise)? i.e. Not being on a shared server with hundreds/thousands of others so response time on web page changes would be too slow to be useable.

Anything I should watch out for from other vendors - misleading advertising, missing critical information?


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Re: Info required for .com registration and General Info req

Postby Teo » Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:59 pm


Yes, anyone can register a domain as long as its available for registration. This can be done through an registrar or domain reseller.

Site builder is a third party program and each will offer different features and functions. I recommend test or doing a demo with them first before going ahead with that particular service. Some clients find that site builder while is good, doesn't offer all the necessary control or options.

With shared hosting, while cost is lower does share resources with many clients. Before quicker response time or load time, you want to look at service that can guarantee resources for the account at all times. Unfortunately, the downside is these plans can cost more than your standard shared plans.

You want to look for something that you can manage on your own, they offer support 24/7 and a trial period if you are only looking to test their services. You'll know if services will meet your needs within the first month or less.

You may contact our sales line or email our sales team if you need more information on Canadian Web Hosting services.

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