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Addon domains

Postby thee17 » Tue Feb 01, 2005 12:03 pm

How do you add an addon domain?

Postby Guest » Fri Feb 04, 2005 6:48 pm

For add-on domains it is a feature in your control panel under "Add-on Domains". You will need to have a plan which will give you atleast one add-on domain name. You may contact our sales for additional info.


I can help

Postby Ryan » Sat Feb 05, 2005 9:31 am

If you need help addon domains and setting up the structure in which it will read off of let me know and I will take you through the steps.

Ryan Thompson

Addon domains

Postby Adam » Wed Jul 13, 2005 11:36 pm

I have a virtual reseller account, but when I attempt to activate an addon domain (, I get this message:

"The subdomain, has been added.

The following domain is not configured for this account: globaled/test/

Removed Entry from httpd.conf The subdomain, has been removed. could not be setup. The subdomain globaled/test/ was not setup either. "

I don't really understand this message or how the addon domain system works. The DNS has been pointed to Canadian Webhosting's server. Any help would be appreciated.


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Postby admin » Fri Aug 12, 2005 3:59 pm


Ok, I think most people make this mistake (including me)

In the addon domains section:

New Domain Name: <------

Username/directory/subdomain Name: <----this actually means only 1 name, ie, test

Password: <------ test

Sorry for the late late late reply, I've been outta the loop. hehe.

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