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lock down web content uploads to a single IP addr?

PostPosted: Thu Feb 20, 2014 6:55 pm
by potentialcustomer
I am interested in running a small web site with very little traffic.

I intend to use the Shared Hosting Linux Lite plan. Since I do not plan to upload content to the web site that often, I would like to know if that plan allows me to use cPanel lock down the content upload to a single IP address.

If not, turn off content upload to the web site directory by default would also work. By that I mean whenever I had new data to put on the web site, I would log in to cPanel, enable the upload, upload the data, use cPanel to disable content uploads, and log out. Is that an option?

I assume with the Shared Hosting Linux Lite plan I'd use ftp to move content on to the web directory.
I am used to uploading the content with sftp. On my own linux hosts, tcpwrappers and /etc/hosts.allow are what I would use. I know ssh is offered with a more expensive plan, but I cannot afford that at present.

I know that the Shared Hosting Linux Lite plan doesn't allow that level of control, so I'm wondering what the alternatives would be.