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Can't get SSI working

PostPosted: Tue Jun 18, 2013 6:51 am
by cmoset
I have an shtml file (conferences.shtml) that includes this line:

<!--#include file="included.txt" -->

The file included.txt is in the same directory as conferences.shtml. I have also added these three lines to my .htaccess file:

AddType text/html .shtml
AddHandler server-parsed .shtml
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks Includes

The .htaccess file is in the root directory for the subdomain that contains conferences.shtml.

Unfortunately, though, I still don't see the content of included.txt on the webpage. This is the first time I've tried working with SSI, and all the tutorials and forums make it seem so straight-forward. Am I missing something?

(Perhaps significant: I can't actually see the .htaccess in the cPanel File Manager. I know it is there, because when I upload a new version I get a warning about overwriting an existing file, but it isn't actually visible. I assume this is because of some display setting that I haven't yet discovered, but thought I'd mention it in case it rings any bells.)

Re: Can't get SSI working

PostPosted: Sat Jun 29, 2013 3:26 am
by Ray
For SSI, the method you mentioned looks fine. But in order to investigate is more detail from server end, please open a Support ticket with all the details, URLs, logins, etc. We shall check and reply back to you on this.

Re: Can't get SSI working

PostPosted: Sun Jun 08, 2014 11:27 pm
by tomrichards
It seems like there might be an issue with the script you are using. Try setting up a static HTML page and open it with the secure URL to see if it succeeds.

Re: Can't get SSI working

PostPosted: Fri Jun 20, 2014 12:54 am
by tomrichards
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