What is a domain transfer and the steps needed.

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What is a domain transfer and the steps needed.

Postby Teo » Tue Feb 02, 2010 1:16 pm

A domain transfer is the process of moving the domain management from one registrar to another registrar.
In order to transfer your domain, you need to either have ownership and/or access to the administrative contact email listed on the domain.
There are three key things that a registrar requires before a transfer can be initiated.

1. EPP/Domain authorization key.

You can obtain this from your current registrar.
Refer to the following post for EPP/Domain authorization key.


2. Domain name is unlocked.

Most domains will be locked at the current registrar and may require assistance from the registrar to unlock.

3. You have access to the administrative email address.
This is one of the key steps in a successful transfer. The contact details of this administrator should have been updated accordingly, if the contact has since changed.

Once you have verified the information from steps 1-3 is done, then the transfer can be initiated.

An email notification will be sent to the administrator of your domain and he/she needs to accept the transfer. This step generally helps to validate the authenticity of the request for a transfer of domain name. If the administrator does not accept the transfer within a given period of time (within 5-7 days) then the registrar will assume that the transfer has been rejected. For this reason, it is important to ensure that all the contact information in your domain records is updated and valid.

If the email has been accepted, then your transfer is effectively in progress and the transfer of your domain name can takes at least ten working days to complete.

Note, any domain registered within the last 60 days of your transfer request is ineligible for transfer.
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