When to upgrade to WHM 11.25?

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When to upgrade to WHM 11.25?

Postby Kings » Tue Feb 02, 2010 4:37 pm

With the new version of cPanel/WHM 11.25 recently released, some may be wondering when the best time to upgrade is. Here is what cPanelDon had to say from the cPanel forums:

"The upgrade may be performed at any time; the right time is dependent upon your own preference and business requirements. For some it may be when a new version reaches a specific build tree, such as STABLE, RELEASE, or CURRENT, while others may prefer to upgrade immediately upon availability regardless of the build tree. If the specific needs of your business require the utmost caution and stability then I would consider using the STABLE or RELEASE build tree and ensure automatic updates are enabled to receive new versions automatically, including any applicable bug fixes, new features, and feature enhancements.

WHM may be used to select the desired build tree appropriate for your business needs as well as ensuring automatic updates are enabled:
WHM: Main >> Server Configuration >> Update Preferences (Update Config) "

As a CWH customer, we set the servers to update when cPanel/WHM reaches the STABLE build.

For more information regarding this please visit:
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