Common Site Builder problem - Picture is not showing

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Common Site Builder problem - Picture is not showing

Postby jeffcm » Fri Aug 26, 2011 3:20 pm

I recently got a few questions regarding to inserting a picture onto the webpage. I hope this post will help.

Problem: The picture does not show after uploaded to the gallery on Site Builder. It only shows a blank frame, or with the red X at the corner of the frame. The picture(s) cannot be previewed.

Here are a few things we ask:

- Are you transferring the domain registration to Canadian Web Hosting?
- Has the DNS updated to Canadian Web Hosting ones?
- Has the DNS changed and have waited 48 hours?
- Has the FTP/cPanel password changed?

This is a common issue for most of the new users who recently transferring to us. The Sitebuilder uses the domain name for FTP host connection. If the DNS was not propagating to our servers, the pictures will not upload to the correct location. It will just cached onto the Sitebuilder server. Please make sure the DNS is using Canadian Web Hosting's and has been waited for 48 hours.

If you recently changed the FTP/cPanel password on the control panel, it will not updated on Site Builder. It is required to contact us to update the password with Site Builder.

If your were just doing a test site and wanted to uploaded on our server, you will need to contact us to make manual changes with Site Builder.
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