How to create email accounts in Cpanel

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How to create email accounts in Cpanel

Postby Henry » Thu Feb 25, 2010 6:30 pm

I am new at this and I am wonder how do I create email accounts for my new domain name and web hosting account with you?


First off, since your domain name is just newly register, it can take up to 4-24 hours before it becomes active.
(If you registered a .CA domain name, then you will need to first follow the instructions in the verification email that is send by CIRA to approve the registration of the domain name.)

1. If your domain name is not active yet, you can only login to the control panel with the IP address link that we provide you with.
(An example of the IP addess link would be:

2. If your domain name is active, you can login to the control panel with the domain name.
(An example of the domain name link would be:

To create the email accounts for your domain name: Once logged in to the control panel, select-> email accounts, type in the email address that you wish and click create account.

Once your email account is created, you can access the email account by webmail or by an email client.

Webmail access would be your domain name plus the webmail extension. (Example:
Here is a link to our video tutorials on how to use the web mail service: ... bmail.html

For email client access, you would need to setup the email address to your email client, and here is a link to our video tutorial on how to set it up: ... -auth.html

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