How to switch web hosting platform, from Linux to

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How to switch web hosting platform, from Linux to

Postby Henry » Wed Jul 07, 2010 4:45 pm

Hi, I am a customer of your company and I currently have a Linux plan, how do I switch from Linux Platform to Windows platform?

Hi, first off, your website may not work the same because of the different platform.

Here are the steps on how to change platform:
1. You will need to first backup all your content to your local computer.
(Our support staff do not migrate content from Linux to windows plans because of the different platform issue.)

2. Send us an email to for this request, with the plan you wish to change to and the date you wish to proceed.

3. We will remove your current Linux plan, create your plan, charge your account and send you the login information.
(There will be down time in this process because all your content is removed and you will need to update the domain name server to point to the new Asp server which can take 4-24 hours to update.)

4. Once you receive your login information, you can start uploading your content, but it will not be displayed until the domain name servers are fully updated.
(Note: You will also need to recreate your email accounts.)

(The steps above can be use to change from to Linux platform.)

Please contact us if there are any questions at: 1-888-821-7888

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