Microsoft Exchange(BPOS) and Entourage(Mac Outlook) Problem

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Microsoft Exchange(BPOS) and Entourage(Mac Outlook) Problem

Postby tony » Tue Nov 09, 2010 6:54 pm

Been using Entourage with Microsoft's BPOS Exchange Services and worked great until the point where my Index folder no longer showed any new messages. All my other folders work since my filters sorts my email and they show up right away... just not the index folder. After trying to reconfigure, restart, and hair fulling, I finally figured out how to get it back to work in 4 Easy Steps:

1. In Entourage, highlight the folder that is not working, in my case the Index folder, right click and select folder properties

2. In the Generals Tab you will find "Empty Cache". You can read the caution notice but what it does is delete all your emails in your local computer("The Cache") so that you can start a sync from scratch. Go ahead and click the "Empty" button and then OK

3. Now from the Index folder right click again and select "Synchronize Now".

4. Now do the Happy Dance!

Your email should be downloaded from the Exchange server again.

Hope this helps!
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