A demand fuelled by increasing migration and immigration

A demand fuelled by increasing migration and immigration

Postby Swenson » Mon May 16, 2011 10:39 pm

Migration phenomenon, being a spatial movement of the people from the place of origin to the place of residence in order to get better job opportunities, enhance the social status and to improve the economic condition, has been playing an important role in Cochin City development.  Virtually, the process has been significant throughout the human civilization. 
In early times, people used to wander from one jungle to another in search of food or from one region to another for better agricultural land for farming and the consequences of this social phenomenon were not so complicated.  At the same time, the mobility of mankind was not widespread.  In fact, man could cover only limited distance, which increased appreciably with domestication and use of animals like the horse for transport purposes and the development of the transport network in later years. 
Rural-urban migration has recorded an ever-increasing trend.  It has become a global phenomenon.  According to the nineteenth century economic theories, internal migration resulted from the geographical differences in the productivity of labor.  The result is highly accelerated growth of urban population throughout the world.
In Cochin Apartments have many takers mainly due to the increasing migration of people from all over the world.  Even people from other countries are now attracted to the unique topography of Cochin.  While on the one hand Cochin offers accommodation and apartments at much cheaper rates than those prevailing in the developed world, on the other hand, the cost of living is also much lower here.  Thus, migration from not only other cities in Kerala, but also from other states and even other countries to Cochin is on the higher side.  The return of the expatriate local population back to their home town is known popularly as ‘reverse migration’
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