[Article] Will ban of Samsung Galaxy SII lead to more Galaxy

[Article] Will ban of Samsung Galaxy SII lead to more Galaxy

Postby felicelam » Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:30 pm

The Galaxy S II is still a very popular device with the carriers due to its relatively low price and advanced Android feature set. As a result of the Apple vs Samsung judgement, Apple is attempting to get these models and more banned from US store shelves. If the GSII is pulled from stores, I wonder if this will lead to more sales of the GSIII and end up working out better for Samsung to get their new device into the hands of smartphone buyers.

I always recommend that consumers buy the best smartphone they can and stop worrying about saving $100 to $200 up front since this is a miniscule one-time fee you have to pay while you live with the selected smartphone for two full years. I just do not understand why consumers in the US think paying $50 to $100 for a worse phone is better than going all out for the best at the time of your purchase. However, we see it time and again that people would rather pay $99 for a decent device rather than $299 for an outstanding one. The GSIII sells for $199 on most carriers while the GSII is still available for $10 to $149.

Full article: http://www.zdnet.com/will-ban-of-samsun ... 000003260/
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