Outgoing "mail.canadianwebhosting.com" not working at all

Outgoing "mail.canadianwebhosting.com" not working at all

Postby MaxCMaxo » Wed Jul 17, 2013 8:27 am

I'm asking around as this is something that seems to not work at all for me.

I have been using CWH services since the beginning of 2009 and it came many times that I had some difficulty with the email outgoing server, but I mostly always found a way.

Since the beginning of this week, it seems like I couldn't send any email at all from any email. (Tried the POP3 and IMAP settings and both are not working).

From what I have seen, the setting I'm used were the old settings using the cwh9.canadianwebhosting.com outgoing server.
When I checked my cpanel for email configuration and looking at what's happening in the logs, I have seen that, now, it should be mail.canadianwebhosting.com instead of it.

But the problem seems that the new setting are totally blocked... and the old settings are not working anymore.

I even have tried to use the auto-config on Windows Live Mail which can be download and launched from the Cpanel Mail Client Configuration page and it doesn't work at all. (The server is not responding)

I have tried to set the email in those email softwares :
- Thunderbird
- Windows Live Mail
- Outlook

All seems like they aren't accessible.

On top of that, even using the webmail tools (the browser tools Horde and the others) seems like they are unable to load the email content (ingoing emails), but they are able to send emails.
So, it seems like it's more that the problem is on my end. Thought it's strange that, out of nowhere, the setting that were working for the past 3 years are now not working at all. I even have tried a to create a blank new email to test the new settings and it seems like they are not working at all.
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