[Article] RIM Should Dump its Phone Business

[Article] RIM Should Dump its Phone Business

Postby felicelam » Thu Aug 23, 2012 1:12 pm

RIM’s salvation lies not in more or better smartphones, but in a high-end, ultra secure data exchange platform for the world’s largest enterprises. Forget the phone market. Go for the gold.

Canada’s former tech darling, Research in Motion, has sunk so low on the smartphone popularity meter that there’s continual weekly speculation on who it’s going to sell out to, or what parts of its vast storehouse of patents it will give up in order to salvage investors stakes.

The latest smack to RIM involves a supposed approach by IBM to discuss a possible sale of the Blackberry maker’s enterprise-services division.

Full article: http://www.bcbusinessonline.ca/mobile-a ... +22Aug2012

Are you a Blackberry user? What are your thoughts?
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